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Altran: “The key to success: Solidarity and Service Personalization”

Participating in Evteks 2016 at Hall 6, Stand J18, Altran puts new energy into the sales of a market

Altran Solutions SL, was founded in 2011, and in just     some years, has established itself as a safe bet in the distribution, for loose parts and / or complete kits, specialized in decorating windows (Rails, Blinds systems, Japanese panel, curtain rods, Motor Systems, Galleries, Accessories Draw up curtains …).

During this time, they have worked very hard from Altran Management to offer the best value in the market and supply it within the period you are interested.

Altran Solutions SL, Spanish company expert in distribution of kits and parts for window decoration systems, participate in Evteks 2016 at Hall 6, Stand J18.

In just years, Altran has become one of the leading companies in curtain decoration, due to the fact that they have achieved how to give customers exactly what they need, Solidarity and Customizing Service.


A good product is not enough

Unlike many companies, the exquisite care Altran gives to their distributors has led the company to meet customer needs and therefore to adapt and grow in the market. In the current global economic crisis, the market is highly competitive and it is easy for any distributor to acquire numerous collections complete and finished, however, they seek something else. A good product is not enough.

Few companies offer the opportunity to purchase spare parts or large compositions, however Altran does offer this supporting solution with the Distributor, representing the company who can finally adapt the product they are buying to their own brand image as a distributor. Altran participates in the market simultaneously with each of their distributor , seeking mutual benefit. This cooperation system allows distributors make decisions and choose from thousands of products what they are going to offer to end customer. Due to the high quantity and sales system , retailers get lower costs and create their own brand equity. Distributor offers its service and style.

“Customizing Service” and “Solidarity”

The effort Altran takes looking for the best quality in their products and the best facilities in the service, have led to Altran and Distributors jointly develop the market. The market solution is the “Customizing Service” and “Solidarity” to allow this to happen at each stage.

The flexibility and adaptability of the service Altran offers is the key to success of this company. Precisely what the Future Market Distribution needs now: confidence to continue growing and grow to improve.

Financing terms, just-in-time delivery and order service even in less than 24 hours time, make Altran a business reference of Total Warranty for every professional dealer.

Undoubtedly, the innovation that Altran Solutions provides as regards to product and service makes this company specialist in giving Brand Solutions for the decoration of windows for both indoors and outdoors.

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