English — 08 Ocak 2016
Bayar Plast dazzled at R + T 2015 Turkey Fair

One of the most remarkable companies with its stylish model in R + T Turkey 2015 was Bayar Plast. Its products attached great interest from visitors Taking into consideration today’s evolving and changing  conditions through technological infrastructure, BAYAR PLAST has established its production facilities at the Anatolian side of Istanbul in 1992. As a result of increased investment in high technology manufacturing, we were able to do mold design and reached to a stage of manufacturing plastic products within our capacity.Our first line of commercial production were addressed to plastic materials and electromechanical industry Plastic-Injection Molds, BMC-SMC Molds, Epoxy-Resin Molds, machining to customer requirements and works with the appropriate mold presses. Since 2006, it was a principle for us to make every kind of habitat more elegant and graceful,therefore we aimed and continuing to grow in the Curtain Systems / Mechanisms area.With high-technology investments for producing plastic injection moulds the company has the ability to manufacture these products by their own. Now as ever, BAYAR PLAST is continuing its quest for new solutions in curtain systems. An inventive spirit and innovative thinking have always been the main factor of the firm direction. Principles of the firm is creating more elegant and graceful style for living areas.

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