English — 15 Aralık 2013
Erteks & Erdogan Atilla Textile organizes a dinner

Serving Central Anatolia and western black sea region of Turkey in the field curtain and of textile from Siteler, Ankara, Erteks &Erdogan Atilla Textile organizes a dinner organized a dinner for its esteemed dealers for two days.

Erteks & Erdogan Atilla Textile is a future-proof a company by serving its business partners for many years with licensed products and home textiles of Erteks, Taç, Erons, Briilance, Hobby, Messi and Barcelona

Erteks organized a dinner for its curtain dealers on 1st of August, 2013 in the first day and a dinner for its home textiles dealers on 2nd of August.

Organized by Ozan Atilla, general coordinator, and Özgür Dagasan, store manager of Erteks, the dinner took place in Siteler, Ankara.

Erdogan Atilla, Chairman of Erteks, hosted their esteemed customers in the dinner closely.

During the years of trade experience and practice, we always insist on principles of “Customer the highest, and Quality first” and “Friendly, Equal and Mutual Benefit”. At the same time, in the cooperation we have won the trust from all our clients.

Erteks & Erdogan Atilla Textile is devoted to becoming the top professional designer and producer of underwear in Turkey with the highest quality products, the lowest prices, the quickest feedback and the best services.


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