English — 16 Ekim 2015
Süper Tekstil Competes With Leaders

Super Textile is the main license holder of Garden brands that guide the global curtain fashion and trends, provides employment for almost 1000 people, and exports to over 40 countries around the globe as one of the leading incorporations engaged in curtain industry in Turkey.Offered for sale on 4 continents, it reveals the Turkish designs and power of production to the entire world; Super Group adopts the principle of superior
service and has successfully strengthened its presence in construction& tourism &desserts& chocolate,electricity and power industries by transferring its success proven in household linens industry. It is dedicated to make contributions to the national economy by investing in new projects. With its expected and prospective success in the household linens industry, Super Textile is dedicated  to curtain manufacturing just to enable people live in better housing environments; and aims at revealing a world class corporate culture and becoming a global example with its working system, which will be globally accepted and recognised, follows environmental friendly operations with a oncentration on customer-oriented approach. Having adopted the principle of functional, elegant, modern and superior quality products with a customer- oriented approach and respect for ethical values,our company is dedicated to fair and honest scientific methods and objectives that cherish and respect differences, is flexible, fast and situational; functions to enable and activate technology for convenience, speed and smart outputs; enables sustainable operationswithout depending on people; revives processes and  systems in a business model where corporate knowledge is produced and developed; and sets for measurable and higher targets for betterment and constant improvement.

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